Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Favorite

Before I begin, I'll just make sure this is clear: Forrest is crazy about his relatives. All of them. He loves all his aunts and uncles and cousins and grandmas and grandpas, and I never see him more excited than when I tell him we're going to Grandma's house or Papa is coming to visit or his aunts or uncles or cousins are going to come over to play. In fact, his favorite part of our Christmas get-together yesterday was handing out presents to all his relatives, and when they were all organized, he continued handing out his own presents to everyone else because it was just too fun to say their names and find them in the crowd and give them a gift.

Now, with the disclaimer in mind that he loves all of them, there is one pretty clear front runner. And, lucky lady that she is, she also seems to be the favorite of all her nieces and nephews.

Bekah. (Or, in Gooby-speak, always in overexcited rapid machine-gun fire succession: "Dekah!Dekah!Dekah!Dekahdekahdekahdekahdekah!")

A few pieces of evidence of his great love for his aunt Dekah:

1) This picture frame is hanging in our living room:

Through the summer and fall, Forrest would, when he was upset with me, point out on the frame other people he, I'm assuming, preferred over me. I think he was actually requesting that they come over and take care of him and that I leave . . . he would point at a person, repeat "please? please?" and then cry at me when I couldn't make them magically appear. I'm sure it goes without saying that Sweet Dekah up there in the corner was always the first person requested. And on particularly angry days, he'd even try requesting the picture of the dog. Sorry buddy. Stuck with me.

2. Yesterday, we had to wake Forrest up early from his nap to make it to our family Christmas dinner on time. He woke up pretty grouchy and nothing we were doing would get him to stop whining. We offered to let him bring his new toys to Jake's house for dinner, we offered him his Christmas candy, and he was still whiny and grumpy. Finally, we started listing off family members that he was going to see when we got there. He kept whining and crying through all the names we listed until we told him he'd get to see aunt Bekah, and he right away started laughing and dancing and repeating her name until we got there, when he ran straight in to give her a hug.

3. One of my gifts to Forrest this year was a homemade coloring book filled with pictures of family members. (I posted about how I made it here.) I'll give you 3 guesses at whose page he was most thrilled to see, and requested to color first.

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  1. Forrest and Dekah - they're a good combination!